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BioMa is free software. Therefore, we work in collaborative way and we do welcome you as a member of our team. There are a number of ways you can help:

  1. Become a developer: if you can help in developping new code, or checking/improving old code, please point your browser to our CVS repository, at SourceForge, and get your hands on the work. As soon as your work is accepted by our Code Manager, you will be listed as a member of our group.
  2. Become a translator: If you can help translating BioMa to a not-yet supported language, or checking/improving existing translations, the easiest way is to install BioMa at your machine and, as an admin user, go to the translation routine. You do not need to know anything regarding computing programming: We have already prepared a routine to help you to get on the work.
  3. Become a translator of this web site: In order to spread the news about BioMa, so that more people can join this effort and more people can profit from it, we do need translators for this Web Site. We also need native English speakers to go through this english version of BioMa's Site, to check for any incongruencies. Please email us at
  4. Become a designer: we do need designers, to improve the art-work of either BioMa itself or this Web Site. Please email us at
  5. Other help: any help is welcome. If you think you can help in a way we have not foreseen, please let us know:
Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 May 2007 )
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