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BioMa is completely free of financial obligation, no strings attached! However, we do need support. See below how to support us.

If you find BioMa useful for your institution or business, then please consider donating something back to the project to help feed the developers who make it happen.

BioMa has a development fund run by the BioMa Group which contracts programmers to work on BioMa, so far through academic grants (provided by Fapemig - Minas Gerais State Foundation for Research Support.

There are three ways you can help put money into this fund:
  1. Contract us. If you have a need for BioMa services such as hosting, support, installation, custom coding, course development or consulting, please contact us at
  2. Academic grants. You can contribute by allocating academic grants to BioMa, so that we can employ post-docs, graduates and undergrads from recognized Universities in Brazil and abroad, to work on the computational and biological aspects of BioMa. Our group is led by a PhD on Ecology (Dr. Og DeSouza) and a PhD on Information Systems (Dr. Carlos Goulart) both currently employed by Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil. They have large experience in supervising students at all levels, therefore your grant will not be misused.
  3. Donate books. We are thirsty for books, either on Ecology or Informatics. "Third-worldians" as we are, can not afford paying books in dolars. Please donate even second-hand books! See our wish list
Last Updated ( Friday, 04 May 2007 )
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